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MG7020 - Small Arms Gun Barrel Cleaning Kit

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The MG7020 is a newly developed technology designed to clean the barrels of Small Arms that fire 5.56mm through 40mm ammo in seconds as opposed to minutes. When used with certain firearms our product can clean the barrel without the gun being disassembled, saving even more valuable time. The MG7020 operating pressure is between 80 PSI min. and 110 PSI max and can operate from air pressure produced from prime movers with airbrakes.
  • The MG7020 is made of light-weight aluminum and has a unique and ergonomic handle for hours of continual use.
  • Bench top set-ups are available.
  • Rugged design for all military environments.
The projectile cleans by using the abrasive pressure of a diameter roughly twice the size of its respective gun barrel. For example, a .223 inch inside diameter barrel will use a .472 to .551 inch projectile.

The operation is a two step process requiring a different projectile for each step.
  • Step 1 - Abrasive Removes carbon, and other forms of residue.
  • Step 2 - Cleaning Removes any residue left from the abrasive projectile and leaves a light coat of CLP to help prevent corrosion.
  • Optional Step - Grinder Use when removal of greater build-up of dirt particles, surface rust, or pitting is necessary.