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Integrated Solutions

Mandus Group excels in engineering and manufacturing. Our innovative product line is unparalleled in quality and functionality and our capability to take on unique design challenges is unrivaled.

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Mandus Group is proud to present a product line that includes equipment designed to make your job easier and more efficient. Our products were created with the end user in mind so they combine the best aspects of functionality and durability to ensure they perform above expectations for their intended maintenance task and are constructed to stand up the most difficult field conditions. Our product lines are focused in four major categories which include: artillery maintenance, hydraulic system servicing, gun barrel cleaning systems, and mobile maintenance systems. Please call Mandus Group today for a quote or consultation on how our quality equipment can help your maintenance teams increase their productivity and efficiency. See Complete Catalog


Looking for a crossover line, gage set or recirculation kit? Mandus Group has the accessories to customize its product line to meet your unique working environment. See Complete Catalog

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Mandus Group is an industry leader in military equipment maintenance. If you require a field maintenance program, an intermediate maintenance capability, or a depot level facility, Mandus Group can provide this service or set up this operation at your facility and train your workforce in state of the art maintenance procedures. Let Mandus Group put its experience to work for you by developing a program specific to your requirements with a skilled workforce that can keep your hardware at full mission capable condition. More info...


Mandus Group excels at creative engineering and quality manufacturing and has a product line that clearly exemplifies these attributes. With a proven team of design engineers and project managers Mandus Group specializes in taking projects from concept to prototype and then on to full scale manufacturing on budget and on time. Mandus Group is particularly effective in projects associated with military related equipment and gear because its design/build team has years of experience working in this highly technical area of expertise. More info...



We don't just sell products. Mandus Group also provides valuable services like product training and customization to ensure you and your product work hand-in-hand. More info...