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Mandus Group is your total artillery parts solution. As your virtual supply system Mandus Group specializes in resourcing the artillery parts that will keep your howitzers in Full Mission Capable (FMC) condition at all times. With the variety of howitzers in the field today, especially legacy models that are no longer supported by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), finding spare and repair parts to service them can be difficult at best and sometimes impossible. Mandus Group is the solution! Mandus Group will:

  • Use its knowledge of the U.S. and foreign military supply systems to find parts that may be in storage but difficult to locate
  • Manufacture parts that are out of stock or no longer produced
  • Re-engineer parts when complete or accurate technical data is unavailable

Mandus Group can act as your "outsourced" supply system by resourcing, stocking, and distributing artillery parts on demand. Mandus Group can:

  • Inspect your artillery fleet and provide a detailed analysis of how your artillery supply system can best support your batteries in the field
  • Set up a supply system to handle all of your parts resourcing requirements either in your location or at our distribution center in Rock Island, Illinois
  • Provide on demand parts supply that is as easy as shopping on the internet
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Mandus Group is teamed with the Rock Island Arsenal which has been the OEM for U.S. artillery for the past 130 years. As a result Mandus Group has access to unique artillery manufacturing capabilities that are found in very few places worldwide. When it comes to resourcing or manufacturing parts for artillery you want to deal with professionals who understand the engineering and functionality of howitzers. With Mandus Group, and its partner the Rock Island Arsenal, you are dealing with experts in the field of artillery design, manufacturing, and life cycle support.