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Artillery Solutions

Artillery Logistics and Life Cycle Support

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Mandus Group, Ltd. is recognized worldwide as a leader in artillery service and logistics support. Our innovative approach to artillery logistics is built on a foundation of industry wide "best practices" that include innovative engineering, quality manufacturing, and standardized processes. Mandus Group is committed to providing its customers unsurpassed products and services at competitive prices. Our line of products and services has been expanded to include the full spectrum of artillery logistics support, making Mandus Group the leader in complete artillery weapon system management.

Mandus Group's strong public/private partnership with the Rock Island Arsenal coupled with its location directly off the Arsenal Island combines industry leaders in the commercial and government sectors to create a world class artillery center of excellence. Whether it is repair, renovation, training, parts support, technical assistance, or engineering Mandus Group has the unsurpassed expertise to provide solutions to every artillery problem or issue.

Mandus Group has expertise in a wide range of artillery systems, both new production and legacy systems manufactured in the U.S. and internationally. These artillery systems include the M198, M777A2, M109A5 and D30 as well as the M101A1, M102, M109, M114, M119, L118, L119, and D20. On any of these howitzer weapon systems, Mandus Group can:

  • Handle all maintenance requirements from simple repair to complete renovation
  • Provide technical assistance
  • Manufacture hard-to-get parts including reverse engineering
  • Stock, store, and issue howitzer parts on customer demand
  • Provide maintenance support on site at customer location or in our facility
  • Develop and/or apply artillery system modifications
  • Provide fire control support
  • Provide maintenance training
  • Develop, update, and translate technical manuals
  • Develop and provide specialized tools for artillery maintenance
  • Develop and provide specialized equipment to make artillery maintenance processes more efficient
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Mandus Group's expertise in artillery logistics can be put to work for you in every aspect of your weapon system maintenance program. Mandus Group can stock a wide variety of commonly used artillery parts for quick response and can locate or manufacture difficult to find repair parts on demand to ensure that your artillery fleet is Full Mission Capable at all times. Mandus Group can develop a comprehensive list of parts and services tailored to meet your specific artillery requirements. These parts and services can be expedited internationally making the process of acquiring this support as simple as online shopping. When you think artillery think Mandus Group!