Leading the industry in artillery solutions, logistics, repairs, maintenance, and support equipment.

Artillery Solutions

Mandus Group is your one-stop company for artillery logistics and support. Specializing in parts, training, service, engineering and modifications.

Hawkeye 105mm

Hawkeye 105mm Weapon System

The Hawkeye is a groundbreaking 105mm modular weapon system that will set the light artillery standard in the areas of firepower, tactical mobility, strategic deployability and command and control. Learn More

M198 Inspect and Repair Program

In 2010 Mandus Group was awarded a multi-million dollar contract by The Rock Island Arsenal to inspect and repair 54 M198 howitzers. Mandus Group's expertise in the field of artillery combined with The Rock Island Arsenal's state of the art vertically integrated manufacturing center, ensures that the repair of the weapons will be on schedule with the highest level of attention to quality. Learn More

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Artillery Logistics and Life Cycle Support

Mandus Group specializes in both current and legacy U.S. artillery systems as well as artillery systems produced internationally. Their expertise covers but is not limited to the following artillery systems M101A1, M102, M109, M114, M118, M119, M198, M777A2, M109A5 L-118, L-119, D20, and D30. Learn More

Artillery Parts

If your artillery system is in need of repair, Mandus Group can source, stock, manufacture, and even reverse engineer parts for most howitzers in the field today. Learn More

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Artillery Training

Mandus Group's experts are available to assist your artillery force with both operational and maintenance training programs to ensure optimum performance of your howitzers and gun crews. Mandus Group will send its training teams to any location worldwide to instruct your artillery teams in the repair, maintenance, and operation of their weapons. Learn More

Preventative Maintenance, Checks and Services (PMCS)

If your artillery program is in need of a scheduled maintenance plan, Mandus Group can provide consultation in the development of a PMCS program that will ensure reliability and longevity in your artillery fleet. Learn More

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Artillery Engineering and Modification

Mandus Group excels in creative engineering and quality manufacturing and thrives on difficult projects that require innovation, unique solutions, and quick response. With a proven track record of success Mandus Group has established itself as the premier company for artillery repair and modernization. Learn More

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