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Artillery Solutions

Artillery Engineering and Modification

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Innovations in artillery are constantly being introduced in many areas including ammunition, fire control, new metals and materials for reducing weight. Mandus Group's expert team of engineers and technicians are professionals at incorporating modifications to field artillery weapon systems to insure they maintain their full potential on the battlefield. Howitzers are complex weapons and require people with unique knowledge and experience to properly design and install modifications that successfully take into account the interactions of all the gun's component systems. Mandus Group can:

  • Analyze your artillery fleet and recommend the latest modifications currently incorporated on your type and model of howitzers
  • Install modifications and upgrades recommended by a howitzer program and model manager
  • Design, manufacture, and install modifications and upgrades based on your specific requirements
  • Act as your "model manager" for constant servicing of your howitzers as modifications and upgrades are issued
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Mandus Group prides itself on its ability to tackle the most difficult projects and keeping artillery weapon systems up to date and relevant on today's battlefields is a specialty. Mandus Group promises innovation, cost effective solutions, and quick response in addressing all of your artillery requirements with regard to upgrades and modifications. Artillery expertise is a limited commodity, which is why you need an artillery professional as your partner. That partner is Mandus Group! Call today for a consultation on how we can help you with your artillery servicing requirements.