Leading the industry in artillery solutions, logistics, repairs, maintenance, and support equipment.


Benét Laboratories: a Department of the Army research, development, and engineering facility, is the U.S. Army's design authority for large caliber armaments and safe life considerations. Benét is recognized as a Center of Excellence for supporting the management and execution of life cycle research, development, engineering, design, producibility, and engineering standardization programs for large caliber armaments, mortars, and direct fire systems. A full complement of laboratory equipment, along with a highly trained staff enables Benét to be a world leader in innovative technology and applications. Benét is ISO 9001 certified.
Rock Island Arsenal Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center: The only multi-purpose and vertically integrated metal manufacturer in the Department of Defense, the center possesses the unique technical expertise and equipment to manufacture products high in quality and sustainability. RIA-JMTC has unique expertise in artillery, armor, small arms parts, and mobile maintenance systems. RIA-JMTC and Mandus Group are proud to announce their Public/Private partnership which combines two of the most highly respected names in heavy weaponry into a single source center of excellence for manufacturing, maintenance, repair, training, and other related services.
Spirit Partners: A client services oriented company providing high caliber consulting, as well as short and long term mission critical assignments to a variety of government agencies and commercial businesses nationwide.
Laser Techniques Company, LLC (LTC): Delivering laser-based Bore Erosion Measurement and Inspection Systems for Large Calibers. The BEMIS-LC™ is an automated, high-resolution bore surface inspection system for 105mm to 155mm artillery gun tubes. Operators can quickly locate, measure, and document features such as bore erosion and corrosion, pitting, and ovality. The BEMIS-LC™ can be used for non-destructive inspections during manufacturing quality control, at maintenance facilities, or in the field while delivering superior, quantitative data quality and portability.
Quad City Manufacturing Lab: Their goal is to develop and implement technological innovations, improve manufacturing processes, and further conduct research.